Hi, my name is MARIE W.O.W.C.P GRANUCCI  W.OW.C.P. Means WORKOUT WITH CEREBRAL PALSY. I Came up with W.O.W.C.P.  As a SUPERPOWER for myself to show that I can make it in this life with all the life challenges that come with cerebral palsy. When you read my blog, it will not just, teach who I am with cerebral palsy, but I also teach you about a large community that gets overlooked because of our wrapping. The physical wrapping (BODY) of a person with cerebral palsy doesn’t tell the whole story of who the person is. As someone suggested, I wasn’t going to go many places in life because of a label that life put on me.  Once you read my blog, get to know me, and my story will see NONE WILL EVERY TELL I CAN’T DO ANYTHING!!!

I may not have had made my dreams come true in the way I dreamt of, but I have completed my goals in different ways, the way life led me to them.