In my blog about weakness, straight, and courage ( Weakness, straightforward, and courage), I talk about how I saw my cp as my weakness, and until recently, I realized it was my straight and courage. When I realized this, it made life a little less challenging. It made me realize people always focus too much on labels. When we put labels on people, we get so focused on the label that we become that label and stop living. The label doesn’t have to be a disability. It could be any label on any person, such as Simone Biles; she is known as the G.O.A.T. however because she is known for those four letters, she felt so much pressure she lost her focus on who we see her for. We forgot she started as a human, just like everyone.

I read a lot of  Malcolm Gladwell, so sometimes I try to think like him. It sounds good in my head, but I am no Gladwell; like Gladwell, I do have a point. If you look at the word human, it is just a blank cave. It’s what is in the term human that makes the person. Like Gladwell, I do have a point. If you read any Gladwell books or listen to his podcast, it will take a while to understand the significance of what he says; this is why he is my favorite writer. He compares two significantly different subjects and shows that when you breakdown the bigger picture, there is a  

Correlation between them.

I always saw myself as only one label; I forgot there was more to me than just one label; there are many labels to who I am. The most important of the labels are women. Women should have been the label I should have seen myself as, but I put it aside because I never thought I couldn’t see that label woman as something I couldn’t reach. The label I only saw was the cp. I  would never be like other women, yet I always ran away from the cp, but when I tried to run to the woman, the label never felt right because the cp label would stop me from feeling like I was a woman. For a while, I only saw myself as the title as human, nothing more, nothing less.

After spending two years on my own, writing about how I see life as a person with a disability, I kept seeing the disability label, not the label woman. I realized I had more labels than just disability, and I started seeing the label women go into that human craves. It’s just that when you hear the word “DISABILITY,” People see it in a negative light when it’s just a label and it has nothing to do with the person you are.   

Everyone starts as a human canvas; only we get our first man or woman from day one. We keep adding/taking away labels from the canvas. 

Now that I feel more comfortable and influential with the disability label, I am ready to explore what it is like for a woman. Like every like label I have in life, women are also influential, and I just have to start exploring and taking being a woman more seriously. 

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Hi I'm Marie W.O.W.O.C.P ( Work Out With Cerebral Palsy) Just an average person living with six legs. Two on me and four on my walker. I live a full independent life with cerebral palsy. These are life stories and events about how I overcame everyday life with cerebral palsy. I hope by sharing my life story and lessons I have learned I can help others in the world to show them that disability is only a word. Just because our body may not be capable of everything we want to do but with a positive outlook on life we can still get where we want and need to be.

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