Today is all about diversity in the world. So many different cultures and communities want to be represented and have every right to be represented. Unfortunately, the disabled community still doesn’t get the recognition and respect they deserve.  Growing up with a disability, the fight I had to be in school and to be inContinue reading “DIVERSITY”


Disabled or able-boded, it’s their choice on how they choose to live their life. It has taken many years to know that I am not my disability; my disability is only a piece of me. Many people look at the label and don’t honestly look at what is under the label. Out of all theContinue reading “MY FUN & CHALLENGING LIFE”


I never thought I would be in control of my own life in all my life. As a person with cp, we can only dream that we can do half the stuff we hope to do in life. There are times in life where days can feel so challenging that we feel like we takeContinue reading “TAKING CONTROL OF LIFE”